Saturday, June 19, 2010

What Should (and Could) Happen.

I think that one covert purpose of this video is to get us used to seeing her in that oval office set.

Anyway, Robert Reich thinks that maybe there could be a careful strategy to get a carbon tax implemented.

Also, Scott Adams reflects on the inverse perspective of our often-repeated refrain – that BP is merely keeping its duty to their shareholders in mind – by revealing his own strategy of buying stock in the most hated companies. If they're externalizing costs (such as by making a whole nation/planet cope with a deteriorated environment), they're probably doing wonders for shareholders' bottom line:

I hate BP, but I admire them too, in the same way I respect the work ethic of serial killers. I remember the day I learned that BP was using a submarine…with a web cam…a mile under the sea…to feed live video of their disaster to the world. My mind screamed "STOP TRYING TO MAKE ME LOVE YOU! MUST…THINK…OF DEAD BIRDS TO MAINTAIN ANGER!" The geeky side of me has a bit of a crush on them, but I still hate them for turning Florida into a dip stick.

Apparently BP has its own navy, a small air force, and enough money to build floating cities on the sea, most of which are still upright. If there's oil on the moon, BP will be the first to send a hose into space and suck on the moon until it's the size of a grapefruit. As an investor, that's the side I want to be on, with BP, not the loser moon.

It's hard to tell to what extent he's being satirical.

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