Friday, May 27, 2011

Thank you, etc.

Not sure anyone is a subscriber or reader aside from personal friends. Thank you for reading and commenting and subscribing and what have you. It has been edifying!

Though I imagine the technology is nearly the same, I'm retiring the blogspot account (not deleting, just retiring its use) and posting things on tumblr, which seems to encourage the sort of content that my schedule allows moreso lately. That is, less so paragraphs of commentary, moreso sharing things I find interesting with minimal comment, which is sort of what the Pigouist had turned into. Also, I'm using this transition to hopefully expand into other kinds of content aside from the environment/economics intersection, including, hopefully, music I write or have participated in, or other types of content (vlogs? anyway).

If you use an RSS reader, you can subscribe to the tumblr here.

Again, thanks.

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