Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Critical Mass Assault

A Critical Mass is an event in which bicyclists take over city streets in cities worldwide. My brother did some photojournalism from a Critical Mass event in Budapest in 2006. Budapest's event, for example, was met peaceably by authorities and local police, as are others (mostly outside the US).

Not so, in NYC:

Oddly, the officer's story is that the bicyclist ran his bike into him (the officer) causing "lacerations," followed by (the bicyclist) resisting arrest. He managed to get that in the official report of the incident, which means that, now that video has surfaced, he (the officer) might be guilty not only of assault, but also perjury!

Also, just for fun: the cyclist was an Army Veteran, and the son of a NYPD detective.

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